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My Little Black Book

some interesting ideas & places I have found over the years

London, UK

34 Mayfair - Restaurant (CLICK

Hide - Restaurant (CLICK)

The Little Scarlet Door - Cocktail Bar & Restaurant (CLICK)

Claridge's - Hotel, Restaurant & Bar (CLICK

The Ned - Hotel, Restaurant & Bar (CLICK)

The Queens Gate - Hotel (CLICK)

St. Pancras - Hotel, Restaurant & Bar (CLICK)

Dublin, Ireland

Clontarf Castle - Hotel (CLICK)

Vintage Cocktail Club (VVC) - Speak Easy Cocktail Bar (CLICK)

Patrick Guilbaud - Restaurant (CLICK)

Farrier & Draper - Restaurant & Cocktail Bar (CLICK)

Edinburgh, Scotland

The intercontinental - Hotel (CLICK)

The W by Marriott - Hotel (CLICK)

The Witchery - Restaurant (CLICK)

Florence, Italy

Albani Firenze - Hotel, Restaurant & Bar (CLICK)

Zurich, Switzerland

Freddy's Classics - Car rental (CLICK)

Huus BEIZ - Restaurant (CLICK)

Rome, Italy

Azul Roof Top - Restaurant (CLICK)

Barcelona, Spain

Azul Roof Top - Restaurant (CLICK)

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