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Fequently Asked Questions

My Travel Agent FAQ's Revealed

Are there any fees when booking with you?

Yes. As an experienced traveler and travel consultant there is immense value in the services I provide. I research and book travel full time 365 days a year which brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. In addition to these things, I am regularly participating in education, training, webinars, and maintaining insider professional connections which make me very relevant in your travel plans. To see the summary of these Professional Fees please

Do you get paid by the suppliers as well?

Yes. Every travel product you book online has commission built into it. By booking it yourself online you are letting that company keep the commission for themselves after you did all the work. Booking via a travel agent allows us to assist with your travel plans and keep the commission- which is a win-win for booking with large tour operators and still supporting local!

When do you get paid?

Typically commission is paid out the month after our clients travel. Meaning that if you don’t book, you cancel your trip, or you book elsewhere we get paid $0 for our time and effort. It also can mean that we could work with a client for 2 years+ before ever (hopefully) being paid. This is why there is a need for Professional Fees.

We got quotes from another agent, can you check on trips for us too?

I would be more than happy to work with you to plan the perfect vacation. As I’m sure you’ve realised if you’ve come this far- it takes a lot of time to research travel, and that time comes at a cost. Please visit the summary of Professional Services for the cost to hire me as your travel consultant. Rest assured that I work with all major tour operators so my prices on the travel product itself will always be identical to what you are seeing online.

We have always book ourselves, why should we book with you?

If you’ve never had a problem arise related to travel (Covid-19 ring a bell?), and have never had any questions before, during, or after travel- then congratulations- you’re among the minority! What most people don’t realise is everything you see online is at our fingertips in one monster search engine so we KNOW we are getting you the best flights, best room available, or best price for your dates. If you love searching for deals on your own- that’s great! Shop around, get an idea of what you’re looking for, then bring it to the expert to take over from there. We might see things you are missing! We will also be with you every step of the way.

How can I reach you?

I work from home which means I’m available almost all hours of the day, every day of the week. I’m located in Saskatoon, SK.  You can reach me via email, phone, text, Facebook messenger, or Instagram messenger and I will typically respond within an hour (but usually less). I do try to keep quoting inside “Regular” business hours, but during the busy winter season, you will find me booking clients during evenings, weekends, and yes- while I’m travelling too.

Which tour operators and 
companies do you work with?

I book every major tour operator, airline, hotel franchise, cruise line, car rental company, and tour company that you can imagine. The main list would be WestJet Vacations, Sunwing, Transat, Sunquest, Signature Vacations, Disney, Expedia (these are about 7 of over 200 +companies) I also have access to other travel consolidator companies that aren’t available to the general public. If you have access to book it, so does your travel agent.

Do you book Air BNB's or Homeaway properties?

No I do not. Short term home rental is actually illegal in many parts of the U.S, and other parts of the world as well, just not enforced. This past summer they enforced these laws in Maui and it left many people scrambling last minute for new accommodations. After hearing my fair share of horror stories regarding false advertising, double booked accommodations, etc I choose to stick to major tour operators, hotel chains, and licensed vacation home rental companies. Many people also don’t realise that travel insurance doesn’t cover Air B&B type properties, as they don’t fit the proper definition of “accommodation”. Often the savings aren’t worth the risk!

How do I know booking is safe, I've heard of other travel agencies leave clients high & dry?

Unlike some agencies, all of my bookings are done direct. So if we book you a Sunwing package, Sunwing will appear on your credit card statement and you will receive a client copy of your invoice from Sunwing. You will also receive an invoice from myself which is processed by Quality Control at TPI head office. We have over 800 agents Canada wide and are growing daily. I also have thousands of happy clients from over the past 5 years, and am fully committed to keeping my clients happy and growing my business!

I want to work with someone who is an experienced traveller, what experience do you have?

I am originally from the UK. I was extremely fortunate to be able to visit much of mainland Europe from a very early ages. I have experienced, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, The Balearic Islands, several Greek islands, Western Turkey. As well as The Canary Islands & Mauritius. I have travelled the North East coast of the US and most of the West Coast. I have also been to Hawaii several times & some other notable cities in the US & Canada. These vacations have been a mixture of planning too!

I checked with your online pages and I haven't found any date or deals I'm interested in

If I haven’t been sharing deals it’s likely because I’m so busy helping clients with their travel plans based on their unique wish list. If you want this help- let me know and I can cater a search just for you. I don’t just have “my” deals, I have access to ALL the major suppliers/deals and when I have time I promote the good ones.

If we have credit card/ airline points, can you still help us?

Yes. Some programs allow you to book travel on your own, and will reimburse your credit card once the travel is posted to your statement. In those cases- of course! In other cases (WestJet Dollars, Companion Vouchers) I typically suggest that my clients book the air on their own, and I can book the accommodations (All Inclusive or regular) as well as the airport transfers, and insurance separately.

Speaking of insurance, are you licensed to sell insurance in Saskatchewan

I am not! (yet) However, I can refer you to an insurance specialist, who can offer many different products through our partner- Allianz Global Assistance. They have an Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan License, and Bylaws Exam, and complete continuing education annually to keep this in place. I am legally required to offer insurance to every client I book, which is a good thing because it’s SO important to have adequate coverage.

I like the ease of booking
from my phone. Is it difficult & time consuming booking with you?

Definitely not. I typically send quotes via Messenger or email so you can view everything from your phone. Once you’re ready to book I send you a link to my Book Now form, which can be found on my website. Fill that out from your phone in under 5 minutes- and I get you booked. Easy as that! The best part- once you go to re-book down the road, I have all of your information in my database and all you have to do is say “Alright, book it!”

OK, I'm ready to start working with you. What's the next step?

Contact me and I will send you a list of questions to help qualify you and narrow down the options as much as possible. For me to successfully find you the perfect vacation all I need from you is honesty and transparency. Yes- this means telling me if you don’t like my suggestions (and why), or that things are just too pricey, OR that you see something else online you like more, or even that your friend wants you to book with them. Finding the perfect vacation can be a long process with a lot of back and forth- we need to work together to find the one! I love what I do and am ready to commit my time to you, if you are ready to commit some time to me too. Most importantly- come back to me when you’re ready to book, you will be glad you did.

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